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Art on deep canvas 105x85cm  Art from 2021 

I love art and the power to convey emotions in it. In this painting, I have kept the convex surfaces, acrylic paint and decorative metallic paints.The 9ct golden leaves additions add a unique look to this work.
It is our everyday life forever, the generations of people who come to this earth to love and share love and then go away to make room for others. Being always, always in love, always in memory. We are passion and love.

Lovers hung a padlock of eternal love as a sign of devotion. It's such a new tradition as putting on finger rings.
In a world which is vanishing, I am looking for faces staring at each other with love and hope for a more beautiful tomorrow. It is our love and mutual support that allows us to survive the most difficult moments.

In natural light, the figures in the frames want to go outside and gaze into the sun, enjoying love and with eternal optimism.
This wonderful fiery painting fits perfectly into any room, the large size of the work allows you to feel the atmosphere of this work.

Forever love

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