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Koi fish is a symbol of power, perseverance and harmony.
This extraordinary type of carp shows that perseverance always allows you to reach your goal. The reward is not small because it allows you to transform into a golden dragon and show your great strength and courage.
Let this image bring you courage and achieve your goals, so that you can enjoy the best reward for you, and the power of the golden dragon will be in your heart forever.

“Koi power” on canvas 60cmx50cm framed 68cmx58cm -art finished end of 2023 .
Abstract art - Acrylic paints applied with a painter's knife, pouring paint, gold leaves. A Koi fish painted with a brush in a bay of spilled paints symbolizing nutritive and foamy water with which the Koi fish can overcome and transform into a golden dragon.

Koi power

485,00 €Precio
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