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Abstraction on canvas 140cmx96cmx4cm, handmade frame and secured canvas.
Painting started in January 2022 in Castlecomer.
During the first layers of work, a red butterfly visited me and sat down on the canvas. It was surprising in the middle of winter.
I postponed the creation for a few weeks, when I came back to it, I saw unplanned cracks. I made a few adjustments and put it aside again for a longer time.
I unrolled the canvas from the roll 4 months ago, sanded it again and put new layers of primer and color, but I thought I couldn't finish it.
In January 2023 I felt that this is beauty that needs to be discovered. I asked my husband to make a frame for this work and in February I finished this beautiful energetic painting and the additions of gold gave it even more power.

The butterfly that inspired this work has already left, but others have arrived in the meantime with an important message - Never give up!! Discover the beauty in everything around you and in yourself.


Discovering beauty

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